Ongoing development of robotics related to Zero-G environments and spacecraft to spacecraft interconnection. This includes traditional orbital maneuvers, momentum management, thermal/electrical planning, and pass planning associated with the operation of any spacecraft bus, along with rendezvous, proximity operations, and grappling with cooperative spacecraft in the GEO and super-GEO orbit bands. Praxis engineers are focusing specifically on contact dynamics and space vehicle reactions to contact at the moment of grappling. This includes:

  • Control Algorithms for Dextrous Robotic Manipulators on Space Payloads
  • Integrate Space Vehicle Arm Control with Orbital Dynamic Modeling for System Level Space Robotics Development 
  • Precision Analog Feedback Devices, Analog Controllers, Amplifiers, and Drivers for  Precision Robotic Arms and End Effecters. 
  • Path Planning Software for Robotic Operations 
  • Specialized End-Effectors with Standard Interfaces for Specific space robotic operations 
  • Lighting, Cameras, LIDAR, and Microwave Radar Systems for Proximity Operations
  • Techniques and Algorithms to Fuse Sensor Information 
  • Create Integrated Controls, Motors, and Structural Response Models to Simulate Contact Dynamics 


  • Thermal Control System Design 
  • Assembly, integration, and test Spacecraft Mechanisms 
  • Design and Test Structural Analyst 
  • Static and Dynamic Load Analysis 3D CAD Design 
  • Spacecraft Electronics Power conditioning and distribution systems 
  • Ordinance Control Systems 
  • Analog and Digital Control Systems
  • RF Systems 

Integration & Spaceflight Qualification

  • Component Level Checkout 
  • Component Integration 
  • Flat Sat Assembly and Verification
  • Design of Specialized Test Fixtures 
  • TVAC, Vibration, Shock, and Acoustic Testing at the Component, Payload, and Space Vehicle levels
  • Electrical Power, EMI, EMC Testing at the Component, Payload, and Space Vehicle levels

Flight Software

  • Development of Flight software 
  • Forward Porting of Heritage Flight Code to Modern Languages
  • High-Reliability Flight Code
  • Unit and System Software Testing 


  • Pre-Launch and On-Orbit Mission
  • Operations Planning
  • Mission Simulation Software
  • Orbit Selection Orbital Maneuvering Plans
  • Orbital Operations Plans
  • Space Vehicle Capabilities Validation 
  • Scripts and Tools to Conduct On-Orbit Operations 
  • Oversee Satellite Controllers During Initial Check-out
  • Plan and Schedule Space Vehicle Operations
  • Segment Validation Testing with Ground Infrastructure

Ground Command &
Control Systems

  • Procure, Install, and Maintain Communications Infrastructure for Satellite Command and Control Nodes
  • Develop Scripts and Satellite Command Files
  • Design, Build, Test, and Integrate Satellite Control Modems and Radios
  • Uplink, Downlink, and Monitor Performance of Spacecraft Commands and Telemet
  • Develop software to distribute space vehicle and payload telemetry to broad user communities via the internet and other widely deploy dissemination methods. 


  • Microwave Sounders 
  • Coronographs
  • Hyperspectral Imagers
  • Interferometry Hardware
  • Optical Processors
  • Solar Imagers