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Press Release
Praxis Delivers Second Ocean Data Ground Station

ALEXANDRIA, VA (April 28, 2010)—Praxis announced today that its has completed checkout of the second ground station for the Ocean Data Telemetry Microsat Link (ODTML). This ground station, located in Dadeo, Guam, follows the first ODTML Ground Station in Alexandria, VA. Activation of this second ground station doubles the amount of data that the ODTML system can handle in a day.

The ODTML communications system provides message data to and from small buoys that drift along the world's oceans, monitoring temperature, salinity, and currents. ODTML allows scientists to access timely environmental information via the Internet, often in near real-time, from areas far beyond the geographic reach of land-based communication systems. ODTML can also operate with a wide variety of Unattended Ground Sensors (UGSs). Operational testing with both ocean data systems and UGSs is ongoing.

"Activation of this ground station lays the foundation for realistic operational testing and future operational use of the ODTML system," said Mr. Eric Vandersall, the Program Manager. "Not only does it increase our data handling capability, it also allows much greater operational flexibility and, in many areas of the world, a much shorter timeline between uploading data from sensors and getting the data into the users’ hands."

The ODTML system uses a “store and forward” data management technique in which the space component of the system, the Spacecraft Communications Payload, holds messages gathered from remote sensors on board the spacecraft, and then downloads the data when it passes over a ground station. Each sensor has a unique address, similar to an Internet address, which allows the system to keep track of which sensors are sending messages. For time-critical data, Praxis, Inc. also produces a Portable Ground Station that can retrieve data as soon as it is uploaded to the spacecraft when placed within a 600 mile (960 km) radius of the sensor.

Development of the ODTML system began in 2002 with funding from the Office of Naval Research (ONR) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. Continuing efforts are funded under the ONR’s Innovative Naval Prototype (INP) program.
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ODTML Program Manager, Eric Vandersall, (703) 837-8400.