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  • Instrumentation case study MIS
  • Research and Science case study ODTML
WISPR Wide-field Imager for Solar PRobe (WISPR)
WISPR is a proposed instrument for NASA’s Solar Probe Plus investigation. WISPR will image inner coronal plasma with unprecedented spatial resolution, cadence, and sensitivity.
  Praxis on the Winning Team for NASA/LaRC TEAMS-2

Praxis Team Submits Proposal to the NRL

*/?> Technology Service Corporation Acquires Praxis, Inc.

Praxis announces the launch and successful on-orbit checkout of the third transponder in its Ocean Data Communications System.

Praxis Announces Second Ocean Data Transponder Operational.

Praxis Announces Changes In Executive Management.

*/?> Praxis Services Now Available Under R2-3G Contract

Praxis Appoints New Financial Positions.

*/?> Praxis Delivers Second Ocean Data Ground Station

TacSat 4 Ocean Data Telemetry Microsat Link (ODTML)
ODTML is a lightweight, low power UHF satellite or Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle (UAV) communications system designed to extract data from widely distributed sensors such as ocean data buoys or unattended ground sensors.
MIS Microwave Imager/Sounder (MIS)
MIS is being developed by the Naval Research Laboratory for the National Polar-orbiting Operational Satellite System (NPOESS). MIS will collect global microwave radiometry and sounding data to produce microwave imagery and other meteorological and oceanographic data products.