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Acquisition and Financial Management Support

Capabilities We are a proven supplier of advisory services and decision support to our U.S. Department of Defense clients for: (i) concept studies, requirements definition, analysis of alternatives, cost estimates, and risk analysis; (ii) integrated approaches to evaluate project health, forecast future trends, communicate risk, and develop recovery strategies; (iii) systematic and effective ways to ensure project execution is on schedule and on budget via formal Earned Value Management (EVM) techniques; and (iv) effective risk management processes achieved by integrating cost, schedule, and technical baselines.

Information Technology Support

Capabilities We provide a broad range of Information Technology (IT) Services to our U.S. Department of Defense clients. We also manage the IT infrastructure and provide cyber-security management and application development. Our services include database management and development, help-desk services, information assurance, programming and development, satellite network interfaces, and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Mission Assurance Support

Capabilities Our systems engineers have the experience and expertise to deliver high-level programmatic and technical services to our U.S. Department of Defense clients. Specifically, we provide the specialized skills for provide systems engineering, mission engineering and assurance, cyber security engineering, studies and analyses, acquisition support, and program oversight. We support requirements documents, plans, and their related analyses; schedule development and assessment; program/project management plans; and product assurance, configuration management, system engineering and integration; and logistical support. Our diverse range of capabilities in this area has significant impact in support of our nation’s defense.

Test and Evaluation Support

Capabilities We provide a broad range of analysis, engineering, test and evaluation, and independent verification and validation services to our U.S. Department of Defense clients by assessing architecture alternatives using a variety of models and simulations, as well as providing environmental test and integration services. We understand aerospace and spaceflight missions, and our testing and integration approaches ensure that the end-item mission environments are reproduced faithfully and rigorously.

Spaceflight Technology Support

Capabilities We have extensive hands-on experience supporting the analysis, design, fabrication, and test of spaceflight systems, subsystems, components, and related ground support equipment. Our capabilities include standards-based hardware and software components, ranging from concept feasibility, analysis, requirements definition development, trade studies, detailed engineering, mechanical and electrical design and fabrication, parts and materials selection, and system performance testing. Praxis has developed and demonstrated advanced and innovative technologies supporting U.S. Department of Defense programs. We are involved with a number of proposed and ongoing remote sensing instruments and missions for NASA exploration programs.